Mrs. Butera's Class

October 9, 2015

Fire Safety

The fire trucks were supposed to come and give us a demonstration on Friday, but unfortunately they had to reschedule. They will be coming at the end of the month instead. I found this song that has a catchy tune that you will have stuck in your head. It is great!
Fire Safety Video for Kids with SteveSongs & Sparky the Fire Dog

ABC Assessment

I have re-assessed the students on letter names and sounds. I will be sending home a copy of the results so that you know which letters they need practice with.
Letters of the Alphabet | Capital Letters | Uppercase Letters | Alphabet Workout | Jack Hartmann

I promised the kids I would attach these songs to the newsletter so that they could sing them at home.

Have Fun Teaching - What Do The Letters Say? (What Does The Fox Say? Parody)

What are we working on......

Math: We have been working on showing numbers in different ways such as with a ten frame, a picture or a numeral.

Reading: The students have been practicing naming letters and sounds. We have also been working on reading color words, friends' names and sight words.

Science: We learned about how apples grow and what trees look like in each season. Now we will be moving on to pumpkins. All year long we work on our weather theme.

Don't forget we have a 3 day weekend. Happy Columbus Day!