Michael Phelps

Tragic hero

Tragic hero qualities

  1. The tragic hero must portrey a sence of nobility and sucess.
  2. The tragic hero is great but flawed and just like regular person but held above people.
  3. The persons flaw is his/her fault and is usually caused by a lack of judgment.
  4. The punishment is not totaly deservered or is often more than the crime.
  5. The heros loss is not a pure loss and some will gain from the experience.
  6. Even though the loss is sad the audiance is not left in a state of sadness


Is Phelps a tragic hero?

I would say yes. He meets almost all of the requirements to be a tragic hero.

  1. He is the most decorated olympian of all time and holds several swimming world records and won many championships.
  2. While h is a professional athleate he still got into trouble that many normal people do. He was charged with a DUI and photographed using drugs.
  3. Theses problems were cause by him not thinking about not doing the drugs and about driving under the influence.
  4. He was punished by being suspended from swiming events for 6months, inculding the world swimming championships and lost many sponsors and endorsers that did not like what he did.
  5. I would think that he learned about what happens when you do things like that when you are such a big figure in society and sports and how to prevent it from happeing again.
  6. I dont think his loss if very sad because it was just punishment for breaking rules and having it reflect into his sports. He does not qualify for the last category of tragic hero.

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