Schools In!

The shift of focus of public schools in the past 100 years

Then: Background

Public school's were created around 1901-1959. The First Public Schools: Harrow, Rugby, Shrewbury, Westminister and Wincherster. Before school, children learned their parent's craft and in school children can be more educationally rounded and literate. Public schools were used to educate the poor children during factory hours.

Then: Impacts

Social : Allows children who can afford to go to private school to get educated and leads to higher literacy rates

Economic : Fosters act sets up state funded boarding schools that focused on industrialization

Political : Rugged School's Union gave mandatory schooling , public schools act reformed public schools,Education act made attendance mandatory

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Now: Counterpart

Montgomery county is considering getting rid of final exams

classroom sizes are a source of dispute , generally they are too large

Poverty in the public education system is a growing issue

childhood obesity is trying to be addressed in public schools diet plans for students

The no child left behind act has arguable effectiveness but rewards schools for high achieving students and is thought to foster schools to put in more effort in fostering learning

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