Star-Lord's trip around the galaxy

By: Mike Trondsen

Getting The Element Guns

Star-Lord went to Yondu to get element guns. They were $250 all together for 2 guns. How much are each gun?

2x=250 $125 each

_2_ _2_

x=125 _2_=division

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Star lords best friends

Star-Lord went into the pet shop and saw they are selling 6 puppies for 12 dollars! Star-Lords eyes lit up with joy. How much were each puppy?


_2_ _2_

x=6 _2_= division $2 each puppy!

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sharing money with Groot

Star-lord and Groot were walking through the forest when they found some money. They each got greater than $24.16.How much did they get in total?

X_2>24.18 _=division

x2 x2

x>48.36 48.36 total!

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crashing the milano

Star-lord was flying around when he crashed on an asteroid. He needed two wings for less than $66 total. How much were each wing?


_2_ _2_

x<33 $33 each!

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star lord was waliking threw a village when he saw minifigures of himself. He bought 10 for himself and 8 for his team. How many did star lord get alltogether?


+10 +10

x = 18 he got 18!

candy bars

star lord went into a candy shop. He got 20 candy bars. 14 were red. How many did he have of the other colors?


-14 -14

x=6 6 other colors

disney world

when star lord went to disney world, he wanted to save at least $30 for down town disney. He stared off wih $72. How much money did he spend?


-30 -30

x>(e)40 (e)=or equal too $40

paying the guardians of the galaxy

Star lord needed to pay the guardians of the galaxy. they all wanted less than $70 out of $100.How much money was left for star lord?


-70 -70

x < 30 $30 left!

thank you very much!