Another Pepsicle Please!

Based on the hit action book, The CandyMakers, by Wendy Mass.

"A Pepsicle! Your father won the worlds biggest honor with a candy popsicle!"

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This is not just a popsicle, it's a popsicle filled with happiness and goodness, also known as candy. The pepsicle was chosen as candy of the year, because it was a new and innovative idea. The pepsicle won the award years ago. The kid who was surprised that the father made the pepsicle was in shock at how magnificent it is, it will never be forgotten! Also, people can't get enough pepsicles, that is why they keep on asking for more! This is why "another pepsicle please" is perfect, it represents how good the popsicle really is! No one can stop loving it! Kids should ask their parents for this, because kids love candy and popsicles! No one has ever seen anything quite like it, so it will be the new trend! Who doesn't want a candy filled pepsicle? It's perfect for a snack, or even a desert!

By: Kelsi Membrino