Why Should You Be A Photographer?

By: Katy Blessing

Education Requirements

Although many photographers have successful careers with just experience and skill, a lot of photographers decide to get career training from undergraduate degrees. This is especially useful for those who are looking to do industrial photography or scientific photography. Even photographers specializing in freelance and portrait photography can gain expertise through college degree programs.

Here is an example of a bachelors degree in photography:



In the United States, on average, a photographer will make about $55,000 a year. The place where there is the highest employment rate for photographers is California. But, the location where, on average, photographers make the most money is Washington.


Self-employed photographers tend to lead a very independent life. But its still very busy working on average 40+ hours. Although, you may have to get up early, or stay up late editing photos, you get to avoid the tiring feeling of getting up and driving to the office day, after day, after day.


Photography is a way to have an outlet for your creative side without having to be artistically talented. Though it still takes skill to be a photographer, it can be just as rewarding as being an artist.

Nothing Beats Working For Yourself

You get to decide when you want to work. Also, you can take a personal-day anytime to go visit family, go outside, or just relax, without having to deal with an angry boss. Plus, you can avoid pesky office politics.