Atticus Finch Saves the Day!

Local Dog goes Mad

By: Georgie Hilby

A local dog goes mad yesterday in Maycomb, Alabama.

While playing outside, the Finch children noticed a dog coming slowly down the street acting strange. They went to alert their hired cook. Neighbors locked their doors tight after being informed of the impending event. Atticus Finch and Sheriff Heck Tate arrived with gun in hand. After aiming and firing, Atticus hit the dog in one shot just missing bulls-eye.

The dog, Tim Johnson, is the property of Harry Johnson, he says "I had no idea where Tim had gone or what happened to him. My kids will miss him dearly, but I'm just glad nobody was hurt."

During the episode, everyone watched through their windows. Atticus says "After not hunting for so many years, I didn't think I could do it. But I'm just glad I could pull through for Maycomb."