Africa Cup of Nations,

Mortality rate

The population total is 33.01 million people in Morocco in 2013.

whens the good time to go

Its a good time go to morocco is in spring the climate gets to 64-82 F and 18-28 C


3 plans is median monthly premium of $33.10,and 1 plan available for $30.00 or less per month.

Risk of and Travel alert

There is no risk of a war going to happen in this year.This year there is no travel waning or alerts.

One thing to see is the blue city

its only called the because its all blue


In the Todra Gorge is a mountain that you can hike on.Trench of gigantic rock walls that can change color.


This is located in the middle of atlas mountains hours aways,and its one of most cool waterfalls.

Where i want to build it.

i want to build it near a city where theirs a lot of people and i want a nice one a nice city.