The Pillsbury Mole Boy

Sodium Bicarbonate ✼ NaHCO3 ✼ Commonly known as Baking Soda

  • This mole is shown as a baker to emphasize one of the main uses of sodium bicarbonate; baking!

Physical Properties:

  • White crystalline powder
  • Odorless
  • Melting point of 60°C

Chemical Properties:

  • 8.2 on the pH scale
  • Stable
  • Reacts exothermically with acids to form non-toxic CO2 gas

Uses and Purpose:

Baking soda's uses seem to be endless! This inexpensive yet versatile household staple is not only used to make baked goods rise. It freshens food in the fridge, neutralizes odors, is a natural teeth whitener, fabric whitener and softener, exfoliator, and even sunburn relief. Sodium Bicarbonate can be used to better your health as well. It can be used in medicinal form as an antacid that relieves heartburn and indigestion.

Fun Facts:

  • Used as early as Ancient Egypt for cleaning purposes
  • Some long distance runner undergo "soda doping" or taking baking soda capsules before racing. It's said to act the same way as a carb-load.

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