By Caden Uhlig

To be a 3D Animator hired by YOH!

What ill be doing:

    - Rigging and animating believable characters, creature, props, and environmental assets.
    - Work with rough prototype animation, as well as generating believable and polished final animations.
    - Designing and supporting complex character, facial, and mechanical animation rigs, as well as efficiently skinning rigs for characters, costumes, gear, etc

What it will be like

Average Salary: $58,244

Average Cost of Living (house included): $549,900

Headquarters: 1500 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone: 215.656.2650

Working and living: Seattle, WA

Google Coordinates: 47°36'13.27"N 122°11'22.94" W

Over on the left is Surry Downs Park