The Snow Globe Parabola

By: Peyton Borel & Austin Sharkey

Original Parabola

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Axis Drawn

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Vertex + two other points

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Equations of Parabola

Standard form: y= 1/9x^2-10x+25

Vertex form: y= 1/9(x-5)^2+6


  1. The height of the first point represents the first root, where the parabola touches the X axis.
  2. The part where the snow globe ends on the other side of the parabola is the second root, it shows where the parabola ends, when touching the X axis.
  3. The maximum height of the snow globe is the vertex, at (5,6).
  4. When the snow globe is at it's maximum height, it is 5 inches away from the start of the snow globe, or the fist root.
  5. The domain is related to the distance from the first root to the second root (the start of the snow globe to the end of the snow globe) because it shows how far across the snow globe is.
  6. The range is related to the height of the snow globe because it shows the distance from the X axis to the top of the snow globe, giving us the height of the snow globe.

Location of the parabola

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