Video Game Design

Adan Heredia

Career Description

Video game designers are typically members of a gaming company's product development team, which may consist of artists, storyboard writers and lead designers. Game designers are most heavily involved in the enhancing the aesthetics of video games or how they look and feel to the consumer.
Extra Credits - So You Want To Be a Game Designer - Career Advice for Making Games
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Game Creation Roles

1. Game Designer

- Comes up with the initial concept and design

- Devises what the game consists of and how it plays

2. Modeller

- These guys create the visual part of the game

- Characters, weapons, and more

3. Animator

- They create the motion for the game

4. Level Designers

- Designs and plans a level

- They take assets created by the modeller and turn it into a refined, logical level ready for the player to play through

5. Programmer

- They work with the engine code of the game

- Script functionality of the game covering things like player movement, inputs, game-play mechanics, and more

6. UI Designer

- Creates a fully functional and efficient HUD (Heads-Up Display) and menu that allows the user to see player information and interact with the game

Daily Duties And Responsibilities

The responsibilities of designers may vary. They may troubleshoot for bugs and other problems withing the design of gaming system, develop intricate features (such as game-play control, multiplayer and user interface), conduct collisions tests to improve graphic content and carry out diligent quality assessments.

Education/Training Needed and Preferred Job Skills

Although an associate's degree may be enough for an entry-level position as a video game designer, employers may prefer people who hold bachelors degrees in the fields of game design and computer science. Some employers may even look for people who have a masters degree in computer science and knowledge of several different programming languages.

Useful Skills

An aspiring game designer with original ideas and lots of creative potential may be able to stand out regardless of his or her educational credentials. Outside of a passion for gaming and creative potential, there are certain technical skills that all designers must master. They need to know how to program and write code for game engines, apply graphic design concepts to the development of games in different genres and create their own video game demos. The following are some skills that are strongly suggested:

  • The ability to work in a team
  • Strong math intellect
  • Strong 3-D animation capabilities
  • Skillful at character development
  • Expeirence with developing first and/or third-person action games


According to Sokanu, Video Game Designers earn an average hourly wage of $41.12. Hourly wages typically start from $21.65 and go up to $61.01. Video Game Designers earn an average salary of $85,520 per year. Salaries typically start from $45,030 and go up to $126,900.


The top 10% of Video Game Designers in the United States earn:

$61.01 an hour $126,900 per year


The top 25% of Video Game Designers in the United States earn:

$51.11 an hour $106,300 per year


The top 50% of Video Game Designers in the United States earn:

$40.10 an hour $83,410 per year


The bottom 25% of Video Game Designers in the United States earn:

$30.59 an hour $63,630 per year


The bottom 10% of Video Game Designers in the United States earn:

$21.65 an hour $45,030 per year

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The picture are lines of code for a game! Complicated huh?

High School Requirements

If you want to be good at something in the future, you should start as soon as possible. Obviously if you want to get into game design, you should graduate high school. That should be your main objective. During high school, you should take every technology course your school has to offer. All of it. If you want to get into gaming, you should learn how to use a computer well first! If your school has a Video Game Design class, then thats' a no brainer! You can't miss out on opportunities like the ones your high school is giving you!

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities

The game industry is becoming competitive. Internships will definitely boost your ability yo be hired! If you don't go the extra mile, someone else will. Internships are very tough because most are not paid. Although, internships are difficult to obtain since the video game industry is very competitive. If you do enough though, you can get into big companies likes EA or PlayStation.