Junior High Journal

News and Happenings of the Junior High Department

6th Grade Updates and Reminders 11/7-11/11

  • Chromebooks should be charged every night to ensure the battery lasts throughout the day!
  • Check Skyward and the homework calendar frequently for missing and current homework assignments, talk to your child about their work.
  • Please remember that although you can email your students, absences and early pick-up information must be reported through the office. Please call the Yorkville School office.

Fall Choir Concert

Tuesday, Nov. 15th, 6:30pm

3433 South Colony Avenue

Union Grove, WI

The concert will be held at the Performance Center at the High School

Junior High Fall Conferences

Conferences for all junior high students will be held on Wednesday, November 16th and Monday, November 21st from 4:30-7:45. Please have your child attend conferences with you.

Character Education: Growth Mindset

Our whole-group growth mindset activity this week was postponed to next week due to conflicts with space.

Individual Class Updates

ELA News and Updates

Karrie Lazewski karrie.lazewski@yorkville.k12.wi.us

*Scholastic Book Order Code: JQ8XW under Miss Thomas still

The 6th graders had a tough spelling unit this week working with ie, ei words. We have been practicing all week by playing Sparkle, a spelling game. Hopefully this will help prepare them for the spelling test Friday.

We also started our unit on verbs. The lesson began with them dancing to a verb song. These kids sure have moves! :) We will continue to work with verbs next week and end the week with a verb test.

Book projects are due November 30th. Everyone should have made their final selection on which book they are going to read for the project. They all have a rubric with the guidelines and expectations. Keep reading!

Enjoy the weekend!

Mrs. Lazewski

Math News and Updates

Amanda Lois amanda.lois@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in Math, the sixth graders reviewed all fraction and decimal operations and took the Unit 2 Test. They also applied decimal skills to real world situations involving money in a “bake sale,” “snack shack,” and “candy corner” activity.

Next week we will begin work on Module 6: Ratios, Rates & Unit Rates. Students will learn real world applications using unit rates. They will learn to find the better deal while grocery shopping.

Looking forward to seeing you at conferences!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Lois

Social Studies News and Updates

Mary Niccolai mary.niccolai@yorkville.k12.wi.us

In social studies we ended chapter 2 and began working on the chapter 2 portfolio. For the portfolio, students created websites using Google that will be used for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade social studies. They began working on their essay and Prezi to complete the chapter 2 requirements. Ask them to show you their Prezi when they are finished. Prezi is an online presentation tool. It is easy to learn and can be more interesting than Google Slides or Powerpoint for a short presentation. They are pretending to be an explorer and they need to create a proposal for a king and queen to get them to sponsor them on their exploration. The chapter 2 portfolio will be due Friday November 18 and will be one of the first grades in the second trimester. Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Niccolai

Science News and Updates

Becky Seitz becky.seitz@yorkville.k12.wi.us

In science we began Chapter 19 - Stars, Galaxies, & the Universe. There are many new terms the students should work on understanding a little everyday. This can be done using the Quizlet program on the computer. Next week we will begin a project based on the Life Cycle of a Star. The majority will be done in class however if extra time is needed students may bring their projects home to work on.Have a great long weekend!

Mrs. Seitz

Physical Education News and Updates

Amanda Peterson amanda.peterson@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Nathan Meyer nathan.meyer@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week the sixth graders learned a world game called cricket. Cricket has some similar characteristics to softball/baseball, but one of the differences is that you have to carry the bat (which is actually a paddle) from base to base. The 6th graders had a lot of fun playing cricket! On Monday, a new monthly activity log will be handed out, which will span from November 14th-December 14th. Please encourage your child to keep up with the log throughout the month. Thanks!

Have an outstanding weekend!

Mrs. Peterson

Band News and Updates

Mike Beix



Our 6th Grade Band students continue to show growth this week. We are improving our performance of 8th notes and our music reading skills in the key signatures of B flat Major, E flat Major, and F Major. We have been working on adding accents and staccatos to our music as well. Our Winter Band Concert is on December 15 at 9:45am and 7:00pm.

The Jazz Band had a great rehearsal this week! We improved our reading of and performance of syncopated rhythms in Feliz Navidad. Jazz Band meets every Wednesday from 3:45 to 4:15.

Please check out the band website (tinyurl.com/yorkvilleband) to see this year’s Music Spirit Wear. If you would like to order a t-shirt ($10) or a sweatshirt ($24) please click on and print the order form and return it to school by Nov. 11.

Choir News and Updates

Carly Kreuscher



Choir students performed in the Veteran’s Day Assembly on Friday November 11 at 9:45am. They all did a fantastic job. Congratulations!!!

Reminders went home this week for our Fall performance, Tuesday November 15, 2016 at Union Grove High School, 6:30pm. There will be a dress rehearsal from 3:30-6:15pm. Pizza will be served for dinner around 5pm. We will be performing in the Performance Center with Choirs from Nash Elementary in Kenosha.

Thank you to those who volunteered to help with the Fall Concert dinner. I had a great response. Reminder notes were sent home Wednesday Nov 8 to those who are donating supplies. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!!!

Music Spirit wear orders were due Friday Nov 11th!

I have added a “What’s New” page to my website and will be posting at monthly newsletter. Included in the newsletter will be Upcoming Events, Notes from the teacher, What we are learning, songs we are singing, and a “Did you Know” column. Stop by and check it out!!! http://yorkvillemusic.weebly.com

Art News and Updates