Mesopotamia News!!

By: Ami Jaimes


Do you know how most wars were because of the agricultural societies but Mesopotamia were fought to protect farmland and to protect there own water rights. Many Mesopotamians had more disagreements about their farm and water and by then more wars were fought. They started to need weapons and as a result of new technology. Craft workers created new inventions such as war chariots and a soldier could go in a chariot at fast speed by and throw spears and shoot arrows at the enemy. The new war technologies meant that more people would died in the battle.


Today we are going to talk about the Mesopotamian Religion. Abram and his family only believed in only one god they believe in only god but according to the bible, Abram was told by God to leave his home and travel to a new land. Abram and his family lived in southern Mesopotamia and when God told Abram to leave his home he traveled north. A lot of Mesopotamians believed in many different gods for different things for water and there harvest and the weather . Many religions evaluated the Ten Commandments as a part of the the three major religions like Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.


It took 14 days it was a tremendous flood it was the worst flood because it flooded almost all homes. It made the harvest a lot harder to gather but also it was not safe for Mesopotamians to be there because there was going to be a lot hard because the flood was going to be a non stop rain and it was going to reach people evacuated their houses. Mesopotamia was in danger of flood but many people did not listen to what was going to happen but also it was hard because a lot of people have no place to go but also it was hard because people did not know where to go but they left to find a better place now and then.