Barry 5th Grade Team Orange

January 10, 2020

Important Dates

January 15th: PLC ~ Early Release @ 12:50

January 16th: Post-test on Dividing Multi-digit Whole Numbers

January 20th: NO SCHOOL ~ Thank you Dr. King! ~

January 21st: Ticket Tuesday

Happy New Years!!!

To get 2020 off to a great start, students worked to choose a "Word of the Year". This word will set a goal for the year to help them focus on an area in which they want to improve, grow, or do more.

Ask your child what their word is, the reasons they chose it, and what actions step they have set to work towards their goal!
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  • Check your child's planner and trapper every night for important information

  • Students should be reading at home for 30 minutes every night

  • Please go through your child's trapper WITH them as there are important papers that need to return to school. Make sure you don't throw anything away without checking with your student first.

Winter Gear

Through the winter season, please make sure your child is coming to school dressed appropriately for the temperature. We DO go outside for recess if the wind chill is above 20 degrees.

Suggested attire:
- Heavy coat

- Hat

- Gloves

- Closed-toe shoes

- Scarf

If you need any assistance in getting these items for your child, please contact your child's homeroom teacher, or Stephanie Richison (, and we will be more than happy to help out.

What's Happening in 5th Grade?


In math, we are reviewing over Topic 5 which is dividing multi-digit whole numbers using partial quotients, area model. and long division. Students will be testing over this topic on Thursday, January 16.

Dividing Using Area Model

Dividing Using Partial Quotients

Dividing Using Long Division


In reading, we are continuing our units on compare and contrast using fiction and non-fiction texts. Students can practice this with any two people, places, or events. Comparing is easier that contrasting. It is important that when contrasting, they talk about how they are different with each example. Such as Mrs. Shoup has green eyes while Mrs. Hayes has brown eyes.

Our next writing piece will be evidence-based arguments. We will begin our writing in the upcoming week.

New AR goals will be set after students' take the STAR Reading assessment. Your child is expected to read every night even with an unset goal.

Science and Social Studies


We started our unit this week on the four spheres of the Earth. We learned that the Earth is made up of systems known as the Geosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Hydrosphere. We discussed how each system is made up of unique parts but that the Earth’s systems also work and interact with each other to help the Earth function. We found that Earth is unique in that it is the only planet in the solar system with a biosphere. Next week, we will be focusing more on how the Earth’s systems work together but will also explore what happens to a system and other systems around it when the system is not working as it should.

We will be testing over this unit after the Martin Luther King Holiday break, and I will be sending a study guide for review home soon with the children.

Social Studies

As we moved into second semester this week, we began focusing on events and contributing factors of the American Revolution. We discussed how the British debt from the French and Indian War caused taxes on the colonies which was one of the factors that led to the American Revolution. We also discussed the argument the colonists had for “no taxation without representation” and how continued taxes helped increase arguments between the colonists and the British.

Next week, we will begin to look into the Boston Tea Party and how the argument between the British over taxes and representation in government ultimately resulted in the battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington and Concord at the beginning of the American Revolution.

We will be testing over the events leading to the American Revolution after the Martin Luther King holiday break, and I will be sending a study guide soon. I will also be assigning soon a project over the Revolutionary War that the children will be working on at home in the next few weeks as well.

If you need to reach me throughout the year to discuss your child’s progress or have any questions, feel free to email me at or call me at 816-436-9623 ext. 3145. Please note that email is the best way to contact me as I will not always be available to return your call right away, but will make every effort to do so as soon as possible.

Fifth Grade Science and Social Studies Units of Study for second semester:

Social Studies:

  • The United States as a New Nation after the American Revolution

  • Government

  • Westward Expansion

  • Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Exploring Twentieth-Century History (1900-2000)


  • Earth Science

  • Solar System

  • Life Science

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