The Night Gardener By Cooper Beard

Book by Johnathon Auxier

Book review


At first this book is a little confusing buy once you start reading it you will like it. It starts off as two children Kip and Molly who travel to England in search for work. They find a house that they can work at. But when they arrive at the house they notice something strange. The strange thing they notice is a scary ghost that haunts them for the rest of the book.

Book rating

For The Night Gardener I would give it five stars out of five, because before I read this book I was looking for a creepy/chilling book and this book gave exactly what I wanted.

WARNING THIS BOOK IS FOR FIFTH GRADE AND ABOVE because it involves a scary ghost (Even for me it scared me). This book is perfect for a reader who is around 10 years old and who likes a scary book.

Night Gardener Book Trailer


When you read this you might think of a made a up monster called Slender man and this book is just like Slender. Slender is a creature in a horror game that tries to kill you before you kill him. This is also why I advise for a older reader to read this book first before a younger reader reads this book.
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