Professional Development Shout Out!

Master Teacher Dive


I would like to give a huge shout out to our master teacher divers for their participation and enthusiasm in the professional development today! Teachers were engaged in a full dive with formative assessment and RtI. Teachers had opportunity to review next practices in the use of data to inform instruction as well as conduct observations back at the high school . Let us not forget the number one factor affecting student achievement is quality instruction. This is why we spend so much time on how we teach and how our students learn. Through quality instruction we can overcome most obstacles!

Thank You & Kudos

Thank you and kudos to Chris Paulson, Candice Beelaert, and Ree Johnson for their creation and leadership in the PD session. Special thanks to teachers Kelley Watts, Diane Bowersox, Denise Honaker, Glenn Northern, Bill Leather, and Lori Pettine for their willingness to be observed.

Big kudos to Pam Hunsberger, Judy Donati, Jenna Tomaszewski, our Principal Steve Hope and all the teachers, deans, counselors, secretaries and everyone who helped with logistics, subs, and providing another great day back at Penn!​​​​​​​​