By: Ann Aguirre

Quote from book

"Open your eyes and greet the world, Huntress. From this day forward, you will be called Deuce."

In this book, a girl named Deuce is born in a world of tribes. Everyone is born a brat, they grow up and get put in one group based on their skills a Breeder, Builder, or Hunter. You earn a name if you survive 15 years and then a man cuts your arm and names you. She is named Deuce and her partner Fade are chosen to be hunters. They will leave every day to search the earth for anything they find. Deuce and Fade are told to do the same as the other hunters, KILL THE FREAKS. Freaks are mutated humans that will kill you easily, then eat your dead corpse. However, few people are gathering together to overthrow the government because they believe it is wrong. In this action packed book you will be surprised by the twists and turns and never want to stop reading it.

Quote from reviewer

"Spooky-cool, grimly gorgeous, tactile, tough, and terrifying" -National bestselling author Sharon Shinn
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