Expedition News

Grade 5 September 2015

All checked in!

We have arrived safely and have set up base in our new home for the next three night. There's lots of excitement about as everyone settles into their chalets.

The sea was a little choppy as we made our way across but we all soon found our sea legs.

The children loved their lunch today, pasta bolognese. For dinner - fish goujons as the main choice. They are drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated.

The Tribes are well established now. Chosen by random, through a variety of games, they now all have tribal chants and mottos. They are joining together tomorrow to rehearse the skills needed for survivor island.

A busy night tonight with some twilight team games followed by a virtues based class meeting. The children are getting ready for bed now and are settling down in their rooms. Not too many photos today, we have been busy with the teams, we hope to have more tomorrow.

More news tomorrow night.