January Highlights

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Our New Year's Resolutions

We had so much fun working on this project together! Take a look and see...

Bear Study

All About Bears

This month we will be studying bears. We will explore where they live, their characteristics, cub information, where their den is located, and what they like to eat. The four bears that we will be learning about are sloth, brown, polar, and panda bears.

January 29th will be Teddy Bear Day. We would like each student to bring in a teddy bear to share with friends and to use in a Fifth Grade Buddy Activity.

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Sight Words for January

Sight Word Game

Our sight words this month are:





The words they have already learned are:

a, and, do, go, here, I, is, in, me, of, on, see, the, and you

Try making this a game and see if they can spot a sight word in the store, on a billboard, or even at a sporting event! They love searching for words that they already know.