Youtuber school

join us every Day after school and meet special guests

Learn the basics

you will learn how to Edit, Film, get Subcribers/VIews/Likes, and MONEY

*probably not

Every day during lunch!

we will help with your small youtube channel, and even more. You will get pro tips from our instructors, and with the money we will buy you the right equipment for what ever channel you are doing whether its a vloging channel, or a gaming channel, we will help!

some of our top instructors

guaranteed to be fun and helpful


1. are the instructors real youtubers?

A. yes check out their channels

2. does the maker of the organization have experience in youtubing?

A. yes i do :)

We are the next generation of youtubers!

we will make you the next big thing, check out our websites for some extra info.