S.C. Bakery

Wanna meet s.c.?

About S.C.

S.C. stands for Stella Crane. Her full name is Stella Marie Crane. she has 1 practically step mom, 1 real mom, 1 dad and 2 sisters named Alex and Jessie. Stella has eyes like the ocean, bright sparkling yellow hair gently woven off a spool and silky buttermilk skin. She is nice, and smart. She is 9 years old, and has a successful business.

Stella's Personallity

S.C. is smart, kind, friendly and loving. she is funny and takes jokes and is active. she loves sweet animals and is in 3rd grade. of course she has help with the bakery but its pretty much her!!! she is creative and loves traveling. she loves school and does sports like: soccer, volleyball, piano, ukulele, swimming, and biking.


Stella was born 2005 in Nov. 23. Her dad's name is Tony, well it's really Anthony but his parents changed it. Anyway his name is Anthony Tony Cambell Crane. Her mom's name is Jennifer Ann Lupton. Her sisters names are Jessie Ann Crane and her other sister's name is Alexandra Lynn Crane.