2016 doTERRA Global Convention

Don't Miss It!

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Global Convention FAQ

Where is it?

Salt Lake City, Utah, y'all.

When is it?

September 14-17, 2016.

What is it about?

Education. Camaraderie. Connection. It's so much fun to ride the city train filled with doTERRA Wellness Advocates. At the 2015 Global Convention, I connected with people from all over the world, and had life-changing interactions with people from all walks of life, and all doTERRA experience levels. Beyond that, we really have a LOT of fun... eating, dancing, making merry. It's such a blast! You haven't been to Salt Lake City until you've been to Salt Lake City with ME! :-)

Do I have to be "selling" doTERRA to attend?

NO! Users, sharers, business builders, non-Wellness Advocates, and skeptics are welcome to attend. No matter your experience level (even if you're not an "oily person"), I guarantee you will walk away with an amazing life-experience.

It's just boring lectures and stuff, though, right?

Heh, um... no. There are lectures, yes (there's seriously so much to geek out over if you like to science), but there are also motivational speakers, entertainers, and tours of the doTERRA campus (where you get to see the bottling procedure and hang out in the diamond lounge). There will also be a (free) block party this year, and throughout the convention, you get to see, touch, smell, and play with all of the new products that will be unveiled before they're released to the public!

Sounds great! Where do I sign up?

http://www.doterraone.com - Registration begins Wednesday, 3/16/16 at 12:00PM EST... convention tickets sold out last year within a few hours - so, if you're on board, do NOT wait to register!

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Important Details!

When you register...

  • Choose VSHA. Most of our group will be at this venue!
  • Come to Gala! This is an optional formal celebration dinner, but most of our group will be going, and we'd love for you to be there with us to celebrate!
  • Choose any campus tour time. Aim for earlier in the day (10AM-1PM), but regardless of the time you choose, we'll all try and aim to get on the same bus to doTERRA's campus! No Wellness Advocate left behind. :-)
  • Contact me with any questions: Text: 336-692-6473 or Email: sara@brownbottlewellness.com
Click Here to Register!

Registration begins at 12:00PM EST 3/16/16. Don't miss it!


I'm Sara, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, lover of cheese, writer, photographer, entrepreneur, and wife to Cliff. I am passionate about educating folks about how SIMPLE and POWERFUL healthy living can be using stuff from plants.

Now it's your turn. Email me. Call me. Text me. Let's talk!