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Another great edition of our newsletter packed with all kinds of information for you! Vendor Spotlight, Field Trip and Events info, and a great Family Share from one of own about their school room! Don't miss a thing, be sure to take a moment to scroll through!

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Have You Ever Wondered What a Family Liaison Does?

In a nutshell, we are here to serve the wonderful families of Inspire Charter School. We do a lot of communicating with parents, vendors, and Inspire staff!

Wondering what curriculum would be the best for your student? We can help with that!
Looking for a vendor that provides a specific service in a specific area? We can help with that!
Do you have questions about all that Inspire offers our families? We can help with that!
Concerned about High School and what options are available to your teen? We can help with that!
Feeling discouraged and need an encouraging word from an experienced homeschooling mom? We can definitely help with that!

Really this list could go on and on! We work hard to help our Inspire families have a successful educational journey with their students. We are a great resource and are more than happy to help you however we can.

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The Mission of Recreational Music Center (RMC) is to cultivate the joy of making music through relevant, cutting edge teaching methods, making them available to everyone regardless of financial resources or other barriers.

RMC Programs

2590 Truxtun Rd, Studio 202 (second floor) San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: (619) 225-9597 Email:


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Passion for the Arts Fundraiser

Many of our Inspire students participate in the Passion for the Arts! They work incredibly hard to put together amazing theater productions. They'll be holding a fundraiser for their upcoming production of Cinderella. See the flyer below for all of the details and come out to support our Inspiring students!
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2019 PBS KIDS Writers Contest

It’s All Write!

It’s write about time to start writing your original stories and poems for the 2019 Writers Contest. That’s write! PBS SoCal wants to read your original stories and illustrations! We will be judging entries on their originality, creative expression, storytelling, integration of story and illustrations, and overall presentation. Time to start brainstorming some ideas and let your imagination shine!

Click the picture for more information.

Family Share

Mallory School Room Redo

One of our Inspiring Parent Teachers shared what they've done to make a learning environment their whole family can enjoy!
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Tips and tricks

1) Create a space your kids love. Use inspiring quotes, pictures of them, comfy chairs, and have a space they can show off their hard work. An IKEA hack I found is to purchase the black curtain rod (in the photos) and use the clips to hang up your children’s work instead.

2) Busy bins. I found a set of 10 for $8.99 at Target and color coordinate them for our boys. Our 3rd grader has dark blue lids and our Pre-K has light blue lids. I have added everything from puzzles, blank maps, play doh and letter stamps to flash cards and “stem” items for building in them. When I need to focus on something else, they grab one and each box has 3-5 activities to do independently.

3) I use mini plastic white drawer bins (from Walmart) to organize tape, glue sticks, pencils, pipe cleaners, scissors, magnets, etc. in so everything is easily accessible.



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Hey Fourth Graders!

Every Kid in a Park is a program run by the United States National Park Service in which fourth graders in the country receive FREE admission to National Parks. Click on the picture above for more details.
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