2015-2016 Newsletter

October 12, 2015 Mr. Kelley 9th Grade English

Brief Introduction

Hello! My name is Mr. Kelley and I will be teaching your son or daughter's 9th grade English course. As many of you might know, we operate under the Common Core. I figured I should explain some of the logistics so we are on the same page in case any questions arise latter down the road.

The Common Core

The Common Core was designed and implemented by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers to create a consistent national standard of proficiency. This was done in an effort to make schooling across the United States more equitable than it had previously been.


Compared to previous curriculum designs, the Common Core strives to teach critical thinking across all subjects. In English class, this will be accomplished by strongly rooting learning in the texts we will be using. Speaking of texts, the Common Core focuses more on samples and excerpts rather than required reading lists. With this, the Common Core aims to make the learning apply to all aspects of the student's life.

For Further Information

(Link to the Common Core website)