The Time Machine

-By H.G. Wells

About the book

The time machine is a classic book about 120 pages long written by H.G. Wells in 1895. This book has a couple of variations, but all versions have the same premise. In the book, the main character manages to make a time machine and travel to a dystopian future. The world is destroyed and the surviving people evolved into a more peaceful population. when he tries to leave though his time machine is gone. After some time spent stranded their he discover yet another race of beings called Morlocks. These ones live under ground, so he goes to get his time machine back but fails. this enrages the Morlocks so he run off, and finds a weapon. Then fights the Morlocks and gets his time machine back

Other things about the book

My opinion about the book + Q&A

I picked this novel because I like science fiction. This book is less complicated than most other apocalyptic stories that I've read.