Apollo Moon Landing

Paragraph 1

Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on July 20, 1969, at 20:18. The Apollo 11 Was the craft that carried them on the moon and was the first craft that landed humans on the moon. But the Soviet union was the first to the moon.

Paragraph 2

they were amazed to what the two men have done not only for NASA but also for mankind itself. Being the first men on the moon it made them famous and the world would never forget it
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paragraph 3

in another article it states that the flag is flapping like it was being hit with a slight breeze but in a airless moon it shouldn't do that so in this article they believe that the Apollo moon landing was a fake
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Paragraph 4

in one of the articles the supported the landing and in the other they are against it and think that it was faked and thus making the media divided on which side they take

Paragraph 5

Historical was a big thing with this event ranging from the time period to what it meant for humans in a whole. they all now have the distance to travel outside the earth and explore the unknown.

paragraph 6

Cultural was another way to look at it being that the media thought it was faked and found many ways to try and prove that it was faked it took many years but know they have full supporters that follow their beliefs and accept the thought that it could be faked