President During The Early Years

By: Bradley Grob

Whats Going on Outside, The Untied States of America

In 1976, Great Britain accepted the Jay Treaty, that means that Britain got to move their troops out of Ohio. The French watched every move until, France saw the treaty as a violation of there own treaty with the United States of America back in the 1770`s. This made it challenging to be the president because you didn't know if the French would get other country`s on their sides and attack The United States of America.

Whats Going on Inside, The United States of America

In 1799 Americans sent a group of people to France to work in peace and help them reach new spots. In 1807 the was a main law set that promoted that France and Great Britain could not touch our ships. Made it hard to president because many people around the president felt like the French and Britain would take us down. The president had to have trust to those two countries and say that they cant attack us.

Presidents (1789-1811)

President James Madison

(1809- 1817)