Bulldog Brief

We are the Wylie Way! 12/15/15

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Thank you!!

Thank you to everyone that has supported our campus family through time, donations, talents, and you love. I know the Hart family feels our prayers and knows we are supporting them daily. Same for the Dickey family - I know Brian is extremely grateful to everyone for your love, support, meals, prayers, etc. You (meaining every member of our Smith family) are a blessing and your love is shining through each and every day!

PLCs this week. . .

Everyone will enjoy a little visit from the elves!!!!

Leave request. . .

One item that was sent to us as clarification regarding professional employees and personal day requests that I wanted to pass along is listed below:

If a professional employee wants to attach a vacation before or after the break to the current break, they need to run that by Scott Winn. We do grant some exceptions but largely don’t allow this to occur.

A few friendly reminders before you leave. . . .

  • Turn off all electronics
  • Unplug any non-essentials - microwaves, plug-ins, lamps, etc.
  • Leave your work here . . . spend the entire break enjoying your family and friends!!

On the Calendar

12/17 - Polar Express Day - Wear your pajamas

12/18 - Bulldog Boogie

12/18 - Campus Sing along 9:00 am

12/18 - Christmas Parties 9:30 am

12/18 - Early Release 12:30 - Make sure and remind your parents!!!