Games and safety


Games are a very big part of teens and tweens lives, but don’t let it become your life. Most people who devote their life to games get very bad grades, therefore, they don’t get a good job. While in an online game be careful about who you are talking to. If your friends ask you to come over and play a rated M for mature game ask your parents first because some games aren’t appropriate.
Most people have game stations of some kind, whether it be a X-Box360, or PS3.Maybe some handheld system like a Nintendo D.S., a P.S.P., or maybe even and Ipod touch or Iphone.

We all play games, but not all of us are safe on games. For instance if you’re chatting on a game and you give someone personal information you’re probably one of those people.

Here are some tips you should take into consideration. Never give out any personal information. Always use a password that has both numbers and letters. Use a username that can’t identify anything personal about you. Never talk to anybody if you don’t know them offline. If someone is bullying you on an online game report them to a gameplay monitor. Then they won’t be able to bully you.

If you use these tips you should have no problem having fun and playing safe at the same time. Now you should be an expert on how to be safe on games. So next time you play games remember these tips and you shouldn’t have any problems.