A country that is known for its fish and trolls


Norway is known for its history mostly for its dozens of medieval stave churches found around Norway. Norway is also famous for its vikings which ravaged the coasts of northwest Europe. Olaf II Haraldsson became the first effective king of all Norway in 1015. Norway was ruled by Danish kings until 1814.In 1905, the Norwegian parliament arranged a peaceful separation and invited a Danish prince to the Norwegian throne.


Norway is also famous for 3 specific foods and these 3 foods are waffles, coffee, and fish. Norway is famous for waffles because it is somehow the most famous street food served with sour cream and jam. they also have the most coffee in the world with cafes in every town. now you might say why fish well because norway has little farm land so instead of raising animals on farms, they fish.


If you like the cold than Norway is for you. In winter almost all of Norway is covered in an icy blanket which makes skiing a very popular sport. and in the summer it reaches an average of 81.5 degrees and the water heats up to an average of about 63 degrees which makes swimming a very popular pass time in the summer.


Three of Norway's main holidays are quite well known here in the United states, and those are mothers day fathers day and halloween surprisingly.


Norway is now a country that uses electric cars and small cars. if you want to travel to norway you have to take a plane or a boat. if you want to go sightseeing you would probably have to hike, but the hike is all worth it to see the fjords and mountains. If you want to go down the coastline of norway or the fjords then you might want to take a boat.

Famous People

There are many famous people in Norway from singers to explorers to even olympians some of these people are Morten Market - a famous singer - Roald Amundsen - dead explorer - and Sonja Henie - an amazing olympian.