The Twelve Apostles

Discover the magnificent and marvellous Twelve Apostles.

Visit the Twelve Apostles

Come and visit the magnificent and marvellous Twelve Apostles, located near Port Campbell National Park, along the Great Ocean Rd Drive. It is situated right next to the beach where you can go to view the breath-taking scenery. The Twelve Apostles is significant to Australia because the Twelve Apostles is a unique collection of limestone stacks off the shore, being the main tourist attraction for visitors. It was listed as one of Australia's heritage sites in 2011. The activity you can do there is keeping calm, relax and looking at the site and taking photos. You can stay at a motel near it.

Twelve Apostles & Great Ocean Road

What the climate is like.

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History of The Twelve Apostles.

The Twelve Apostles were known as the Sow and the Piglets until 1922. After the collapse there were only 8 Apostles left. In september 2009 one of the smallest Apostles fell down.