The Eye of Minds

By: James Dashner


The Eye of Minds is a book that takes place in a futeristsic utopian society where technology is closely merged with reality. Michael, the main character, is a gamer that likes to spend more time in the VirtNet than he does is reality. The VirtNet is where a person can go into "Coffins", and their minds will be taken to wherever they wish to go. In the VirtNet, you can make friends, and all of your senses are stimulated when you are in the coffin. If you eat, nutrients are put into your real body back in the real world. Also, you can feel great pain. When Michael is in the VirtNet, he starts to notice some very unusual things. People start to get trappped in the VirtNet for so long that they go insane and commit suicide. The VNS (VirtNet Security) knows of MIchaels great hacking skills, along with his two friends Bryson and Sarah. They give them one mission, the find a so called man named Kaine, the hacker responsible for this mess. But they soon realize that Kaine is much more dangerous than they think he is, and what they find out at the end of the story will change how they look at the world forever. Read The Eye of Minds to find out who Kaine really is, and if Michael and his friends can possibly stop him.
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“Your demons are always with you," Skale answered. His voice seemed even raspier than the day before. "Don't you understand that by now? Always with you, impossible to escape. But you never can guess how they might manifest themselves.”

Literacy Element: This quote shows the mood of fear that is instilled into Michael and his friends. They realize that Kaine can control the whole VirtNet, and anything that happens to them.


The Eye of MInds is a must read book that will show you how 3 friends can come together to achieve anything they put their minds to. The plot is beautifully spun and will leave you haning after every chapter, a true page turner! It will leave you astonished after you read the end and what Michael figures out. 5 Stars!

-Blue Mountain Reviews