Amimal abandonment

By: Trinity lefferts

animal abandonment

Animals homeless is a community challenge Table of contents


Shelters and volunteer D.C shelters ( chapter one)

Helping pets ( chapter two)

Re- home (chapter three)

Making a difference ( Chapter four)

Caring for pets (chapter five)




Do you LOVE Animals? “Gary’s relationships with animals we keep are highly personal”. Gary and work with love and care for their animals.|They make sure the animals are well cared for. Grey love all animals. This story is about pets, shelters and rehoming.

Chapter one

So people are nice Animals I've get sad because Animals are Nasser and help me and you have fun. Most people would say it’s the local animal shelter’s responsibility and that true. We take on the function of caring for animals. Most people say the Animals are crazy run me up the wall. My cat run up the wall and the is not a joke.

Chapter two

I hope you help and enjoy pets as much as I do because they help you have fun. So LOVE pets!!!!!!!Other people don’t want or can’t care for pets. “And we acknowledge our special role in speaking for the voiceless and upholding the moral status of animals in our communities.” But if you were to ask the people at the shelter whose responsibly it is our care for lost, mistreated, and abandoned owned animals,they insist the community's as a whole. That’s because we can’t do this worn by proselves. Animals shelters rely on the community for funding, home,volunteer help, and most importantly, we need people to care for their animals properly and not contribute to the problem. That’s why we insist that animal welfare and that success this field comes through learnerships with people outside of the shelter.


Chapter three

Pets help old people too because my cat make my grandma feel happy. In fact, just a few weekend Age we age we had an amazing a option -- a real example of community partnership. We got 65 animals into new homes i just two day. We kept our ad option trucks moving back and forth the shelter to their temporary station in front of friendship hospital door Amina's all weekend. This private veterinary hostile, the largest in the world catplbod , understand the need for community imum mean animal welfare. Thank to them, we have a Thuringia human program, ready veterinary interns and staff to help for events and patients care, new home for our animals. It’s exactly the kind of partnership we’re always looking for, with the help of hospital and friends help re-homing pets. All the shelter are helping other re-home pets. Most D.C pets people do not take care of pets. Animals shelter love getting new pets, it is a good thing for the pet because they get re-home and so they do have home. Shelter went more and more people to come. In, fact they invite me, and my 6th grade orchards kids to their animals shelter. In Washington animal shelter go in a van pick up home last dogs, cats and other animals. That is ever good thing. So shelter “ breed” animals but they are the some kind of Animals. This shelter help kid and planter when have a cheek up with their pet.

Chapter four

Wegner is a pets a LOVER. Wegner spend free time on all. Also Wenger doesn't spend all of his free time shooting hoot, skateboarding or texting his friends. He has more important a chai tiles to engage in- life endeavors. This is ping young man’s a singer, actor, starwort and animal acoustic. In 2009, Wegner founded "Kids Against Animal Cruelty" - a Facebook page created as a place for kids to come together to fight for the rights of animals.

Chapter five

Do not make a pets homeless because what if you are a pet and you are homeless. An establish mean that temporarily provides a home until the animal is adoptable. Sounds good, right? How , this definition is more in line with no kill animal sheets. these shelters will wither keep animals as long as possible.or give them to some other organization that can attempt to adopt out the animals.they will do all in their power to find a great home for animals that may have been homeless, abused, or a victim of hoardings. Through these types of orientation and Charlie's, animals given a second chance at life,love,and happiness.


In conclusion thank you for read this; Hope you like it. Thank you for supporting your pets and helping other take of their pets.