she is the best

do you remember the first immigrant in your family

no, i do not remember the first immigrant in my family.

what chores did you have around the home?

i did most of the house keeping like the dishes, cleaning the rooms, and dusting.

when and were you born?

i was born in Wisconsin 60 years ago

what do you remember about the house you grew up in?

well i grew up in a big farm house so i remember always gong outside and playing with all my siblings and my brothers had a big fort that they would never let me in so me and my sister would sneak in there at night when they would be helping are dad with his cars.

what was you favorite holiday

well if i had to choose it would be Christmas.

describie some of the games you played.

I enjoyed playing with dolls and kittens.

what kind of music did you listen to growing up?

i liked to listen to rock and roll

what kind of cloths did you wear growing up?

i wore jeans and church dresses

where did you meat your spouce?

we worked in the same place.

when and were you married?


what are some special moments in your life?

birth of children and meeting the pope.

best achievment

getting my masters

best advice

if you work hard you will have good things.

how were you affected by the great depression

my mother had no food and no money

how were you affected by the viatnam

my husband had to drop out of school because he was drafted