French Cuisine

By: Jenna Mulholland

Main Ingredients

-Bread (Typically baguettes and croissants) -Olive Oil

-Cheese -Shallots

-Butter -Tarragon

-Fleur de sel (sea salt) -Vinegar

-Herbes de Provence (Provincial Herbes) -Wine

-Leeks -Mustard

Table Manners & Etiquette

5 Tips for eating in France

1. Keep your hands on the table

2. Eat with the fork in your left hand, and the knife in your right.

3. Always wait for the head of the table to say "Bon Appetit" before starting to eat

4. Always cheers before drinking; raise your glass and say "a votre sante"

5. Most meals come with bread. If you don't have a side plate, putting the bread on the tablecloth is fine.

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French Recipes

France is famous for their food, it would take you forever to try every French recipe. Some to start you off are;

-Flammekueche -Chocolate Mousse

-Macaroons -Croque Monsieur

-Ratatouille -Aligot

-Quiche Lorraine -And so many more

French Cuisine Fun Facts

1. Wine is drank with almost every meal. Wine, coffee, and water are the cheapest drinks in France.

2. Dejeuner or Lunch as we call it is the most important meal of the day for the French.

3. Salt and other spices can not be found on the dinner table in restaurants as it is considered an insult to the chef to put any other spices on your food.

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