Axia Consultants RFI RFP Accounting

Axia Consultants RFI RFP Accounting Software- (RFQ) Template

Axia Consultants RFI RFP Accounting Software - (RFQ) Template

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Template

A quick and easy way to prepare your RFQ

This RFQ Template helps you quickly create your Request for Quotation for issue to suppliers and vendors. As one of a suite of universal templates, this RFQ Template will:

Save you time preparing your Request for Quotation. Just fill in the blanks and add your requirements. Preparing a high quality, professional RFQ suitable for issue to suppliers and vendors is now a cinch. And as everything is in MS Word, you can quickly and easily configure to your precise needs.

Save you effort as you don’t have to start from scratch. The RFQ components are already there for you to use as you need. They’re based on the purchase of new IT, software and services, but are equally suitable for many other business RFQ needs, because the template is totally flexible and amendable.

Help you select your preferred supplier. The standardized template format also helps suppliers to more clearly understand your requirements and more easily respond. So you will receive clearer and improved responses. And consequently, spend less time and effort evaluating and comparing supplier responses, and more easily select your preferred supplier.

RFQ Template Contents

- RFQ Template* containing:

-Executive summary

- Organization background

- Requirements overview, including: background, scope, objectives, structure, time scales, locations, assumptions and constraints, and resourcing

- Instructions to suppliers / vendors, on how to reply to the RFQ, including: the RFQ process, RFQ time scales, RFQ participation, RFQ conference and questions, confidentiality, terms and conditions, information requested, RFQ response and format, and RFQ response submission

- RFQ Cover Letter Template*

- Instructions, Guide and Tips - for preparing your RFQ (PDF)