Mallard Ducks

Most Reconizable Of All Ducks

In Latin Mallard Duck means - Anas platyrhynchos

Average length: M 24.7", F 23"
Average weight: M 2.7 lbs., F 2.4 lbs.


The male mallard's white neck-ring around its green neck is what separates it from its chestnut-brown chest. It also has gray sides, brownish back, black rump and black upper- and under-tail coverts. The speculum on the male violet-blue bordered by black and white, and the outer tail feathers are white. His bill is yellow to yellowish-green and his legs and feet are coral-red. Male utters a soft, rasping "kreep."


The female mallard is a brownish color and her violet speculum is bordered black & white. The crown of her head is dark brown color with a dark brown stripe running through her eye. The rest of her head is lighter brown than the rest of her body. The bill is orange splotched with brown, and her legs and feet are orange. Females are especially vocal with the characteristic series of quacks.

Food Habits

Mallards feed on seeds, rootlets and tubers of aquatic plants off swamp and river bottoms.