Handwashing School Enrichment

York County Extension 2022

Teaching Healthy Life Skills

In today's society, we all know that handwashing is an important skill to keep us healthy. So how do we gather the attention of youth to intentionally practice good handwashing? Our solution: Show them their "germs."

In this interactive lesson, youth will learn about germs within their environment and utilize our Glo Bug to see the "germs" on their hands with the help of our Potion Lotion. We then discuss proper techniques for handwashing through guided practice before youth demonstrate their handwashing abilities before a hand re-check.

Why should a classroom participate in this project?

Youth love the interaction with the Glo Bug and have enjoyed the process from year to year. Repeat students have claimed, "I remember this activity! I know I will do better than last year, I've been practicing!" Teachers have also commented that "Students always look forward to this activity at the beginning of the year and really engage in the activity." Not only is this activity fun, but it provides youth with further consideration into daily activities that can keep them healthy.

Adaptations to the program make this a great learning opportunity for youth ages pre-K to 8th grade.

Program Availablility

This program is available both Fall and Spring Semesters. The lessons themselves take 30-45 minutes per group and easy access to a sink/bathroom is the main requirement.

Resources for Classrooms

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Tanya Crawford - Extension Educator: tanya.crawford@unl.edu

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