By: Brittany Bryson

What makes Odysseus a hero?

Odysseus is a hero because he is smart and came up with the plan to stab the Cyclops in the eye and save the rest of his men that were in the cave. He also can trick people with his words because he told the Cyclops that his name was nobody so no one would know that it was him. He is a leader because he stepped up out of all the men and stood up to the Cyclops.

Textual evedence why Odysseus is a hero

"I sharpened the end of the wood, and hardened the point in the blazing fire,after which I hid it carefully in one of the heaps of dung that lay around the cave." "I ordered the men to cast lots as to which of them should dare to help me raise the stake and twist it into the Cyclops eye when sweet sleep took him." This is what makes him a hero because he is smart.

"My name is Nobody. Nobody, my father, mother, and friends call me." "Nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me by violence or treachery." This is also what makes him a good hero his sneakiness and the way he uses his words.

"With this I went aboard and ordered my crew to follow and loose the cabels." This is an example of him being a leader and what makes him a hero.