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May Review - Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice - Course Plan

The Criminal Justice program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers in the Law, Public Safety, and Security career cluster; provides technical skill proficiency, and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills, and knowledge of all aspects of the Law, Public Safety and Security career cluster.
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Mildred Brown, W.E.S.T. Prep Criminal Justice Instructor

Mildred Brown, Criminal Justice Instructor at Fort Pierce Westwood High School, celebrated "Career and Technical Education Month" (February 2016), in Tallahassee! Mildred was selected to attend the "Justice Teaching Institute", hosted by the Supreme Court of Florida, Tallahassee from February 7 through 11. Mildred was honored to be chosen as one of 25 teachers from throughout Florida.

  • Served our community as a St. Lucie County Deputy Sheriff for nearly 20 years.
  • Criminal Justice Academy program Instructor since 2012
  • Adjunct Faculty -Indian River State College since 2014
  • FPW 2014 Distinguished Minority Educator of Year
  • Florida Supreme Court, 2016 Justice Institute Training Fellow
  • In 2018 Westwood was approved by the Florida Department of Health to offer industry certification, 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator Program and has seen much success.
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Florida Public Service Association CJ Competitions

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Criminal Justice Academy

  • Fort Pierce Westwood provides a Criminal Justice Academy which includes courses: CJ1, CJ2, and CJ3.
  • Students will explore academic and career information in Corrections, Courts, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Criminal Investigations, Forensic Science and Juvenile Justice.
  • St. Lucie Public Schools participates in Indian River State College, Career Pathway Initiative. Upon completion of academy, students are eligible for 9 free college credits following high school graduation.
  • In addition to the opportunities above students may achieve the following industry certification, Florida Department of Health, 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator. In partnership with St. Lucie County Emergency Operations, students are better prepared for potential career work.


This course is to introduce the student to the history, goals, and career opportunities in the Criminal Justice Profession. It also covers ethics and professionalism, constitutional and criminal laws, court and trial process, juvenile justice system, and the correctional system. Students will have an educational opportunity to tour the St. Lucie County Jail.


This course is to introduce the student to the characteristics and procedures of patrol, complete written reports, and crime prevention programs. Students will also describe guidelines for Use-of-force, perform CPR/ first aid, and procedures to protect from Blood-Borne pathogens. Students will begin the Public Safety Telecommunicator required 232 hours training for certification. Students will obtain CPR/AED emergency certification and have an opportunity to participate in the U.S. District Court Teen Discourse session.


This course is to introduce the student to the crime scene safety, conducting criminal investigations, conducting forensic processing, and complete property control procedures. Students will conduct a traffic crash investigation completing the proper report forms. Students will complete the 232 hours required training to obtain Public Safety (911) Telecommunicator Certification. Additionally, students will have met the State of Florida DOE, Career Pathway requirements; and qualify for 9 college credits under the Criminal Justice program articulated agreement.


The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment as a dispatcher: police, fire, ambulance. Student must meet the required 232 hours (CJ2 and CJ3 courses) prior to certification completion.

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Graduating Panthers

On May 21, 2019, our Seniors class attended their graduation ceremony. Congratulations to our Panthers. #OnceAPantherAlwaysAPanther

Young Authors Awards

Six Westwood students were recognized as Young Authors, Great Job Panthers! Congrats to Alexina Costigan--Grade 9, Dennis Belezair--Grade 10, Ellyn Delano- Grade 10, Vete Derisse--Grade 12, Kyana Rodgers--Grade 11, Isaac Torockio--Grade 11

W.E.S.T. Preps Visit to NASA

On Friday May 24th, W.E.S.T. Prep students and cadets were able to experience NASA and its STEM program. They experienced the difficulties of programing and coding a robot in order to have a robot operate on the moon and on mars. The event was managed by the JROTC Cadets who did a remarkable job with managing time and resources. It was great to hear all the positive comments from NASA and, even the bus driver, as one of the motivated groups they've had.

MSAP Grant Evaluator visit

Chamber of Commerce Visit

STEAM Recruiter- Devona Wilson

Ms.Wilson is a product of St.Lucie Schools,where she's a graduate of St.Lucie West Centennial High School. Ms.Wilson has taught 9th and 10th grade science. You can see her at various different after-school activities where both past or present students are involved in. Ms.Wilson is an avid reader and a major college football fan,especially the University of Tennessee where she attended. Currently, Ms.Wilson is working on a graduate degree in science education with a specialization in science curriculum. Ms.Wilson is apart of our recruitment team where she brings a ton of STEM knowledge.

Environmental Science Honors - Culminating Global Projects

On May 15, 2019, the students in Environmental Science Honors conducted the final portion of their on-going yearlong Global Projects. The students from Mr.Wilgoren and Mr.McIntosh's classes came together in the auditorium to problem solve as a group on global issues based on their own individual project's global issue. The students were then organized into groups form both classes to research, to collaborate and create a final resolution to their global issue and present in either a PowerPoint presentation style. Some students actually dressed in their countries customs dress and prepared food allowing all students to share in the festivities at hand. The basic concept of the project was to demonstrate a group consensus of global issues that existed and try to create a solution to the various different Global Issues such as- Global Warming, Plastic Pollution, Rise of Sea-Level, Air Pollution, etc...
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