34 Ways to Use Edmodo

Edmodo PLU Course


1. Post Homework.

2. Post dates for test/revision when you send as an "Alert" students will get the alert.

3. Send Assignments.

4. Post comments - students can reply to comments.

5. Share interesting videos – ask students to reply to comments.

6. Share controversial videos for discussion.

7. Share feedback, surveys, polls, interesting sites, and Webquest.

8. Assessment: assess students’ learning before, during or after a unit of study.

9. Peer Reviews & Critiques: Place students in small groups and have them post their

work to their group for peer review and feedback.

10. Writing Projects: Enable students to tap into individualism and build self-esteem by

sharing their writing projects with each other in Edmodo.

11. Build Digital Citizenship Skills: Enforce online etiquette for students when using

Edmodo to help them build digital citizenship skills.

12. Book Clubs: Organize a book group in Edmodo to encourage students to read and

discuss novels with each other.

13. Cultural Exchange Projects: Give students the opportunity to learn about other

world cultures by connecting your classroom with classroom around the globe via

Edmodo group.

14. Science Probes: Promote discussions and bring more interaction to your science

class by engaging your students with science probes in Edmodo.

15. Encourage students to practice their language skills, as well as spelling and

grammar, through conversations in Edmodo.

16. Planning Committees: When planning a school play, the annual fundraiser or next

year’s curriculum, create and Edmodo group to help committee members


17. Project Based Learning: Facilitate prject based learning by using Edmodo’s small

group feature.

18. Joint project with groups in your class, in your district, or groups from different countries.

19. Differentiated Instruction: Deliver differentiated content in your classroom through

the use of small groups.

20. Post listening dictation use Voki add your text ask them to listen and transcribe it

and send to you.


21. Share memorization cards or flashcards to help student learn new ywords or




22. Share PowerPoint to help students study



23. Study guide using Glogster or documents


24. Share revision sheets as pdf file

25. Share Screencast with Explanations as a Screencast



26. Students create presentations and video slideshows to "show what they know"



27. Create conversations in the cloud


28. The Smore website can be used to create newsletters, flyers or enhance your documents; then add to your Edmodo Library


29. Tagxedo: Students can create visualy stunning word clouds using their names & descriptive words to create "All About Me" clouds at the beginning of school. You can also add poems, famous speeches, new articles, slogans, and themes.


30. Sub-Hub: Communication between teacher and students when your’re out of the

classroom, or provide updates to students who are absent from class.

31. Professional Development Workshops on your team or at your school

32. Professional Learning Community: Join an Edmodo Community to connect with

other educators around your districts and around the globe to share resources,

exchange ideas or get advice.

33. School Clubs: If you’re part of a school club or sports team, create an Edmodo

group to coordinate meets, practices and games and post results.

34. District Professional Learning Community: Join an Edmodo Community to connect with your school administrator.