The Soccer BIZ

On The field and off. Answers to the career


A soccer player and all athletes are limited on what they can say. They can not talk bad about other players, coaches, teams, etc.

In press conferences they answer the question and have to watch what they say because, everything they say could be on TV, and other public sources. Any bad comment about other players and they could lose there job or FIFA could get involved and bigger consequences could happen


How much a Soccer player gets paid depends on the team, area, performance, practice, and how they act on and off the field. If a player receives a yellow or red card for a bad reason it can affect your paycheck or even get fired. If you get fired from a team another team might not ask you to play for there club if that see that you got fired for a certain reason. Also illegal use of drugs or anything that breaks the law can also make you lose your job. You can get suspended which during suspension you may not get payed depending on what you did. You can also get fired from that too.