Continental Congress

Jose Rivera

The Sugar Act

The sugar act was in 1764 the british started to tax the sugar. Which made the colonist mad because they didn't whant to pay taxas on stuff. King George then started to tax the tea and stamp this made the colonist really mad

boston tea party

a tea party?

The boston tea party was not a real tea party.The boston tea is realy a event people.Dressed up as Indians you can see them in the picture above. They dumped the tea because it was taxed. So by doing this no taxed tea was deliverded but as punishment. Ther harbor was closed so no boats with goods can come.

the end

After the war they declared a peace paper. king George was forced to sigh it. it was a bad day for king George after that day the tax had whent on to important things. also George Washington was declared presedint of the usa