News Notes & Dates

Week of December 15

Principal's Corner

** Special Ed Model conversation will be continuing on January 26th at 2:30 in room 115. Please make note of new date.

** To update yourself on the next phases of the levy plan, please be certain to read the construction update article on Jostle. Nagel has already met with the representatives and shared the suggestions and ideas many of you have passed along. Please do not hesitate to keep those ideas coming. We will keep you updated as we learn more where Nagel fits into the plan.

** Please take a moment to read this request from Central Office. If you are interested in being a part of this new training, email Jodie by the end of the day, December 16th.

** Six Nagel staff members traveled to New Albany school district last week. Many great ideas and possibilities for Nagel came from this visit and we will be anxious to share those with you soon. Other staff members have also visited Hopewell Jr. High and Princeton schools to continue to gather new ideas that might be a great addition for us as well.

**A great opportunity exists for some of you. Take a moment to read about this Gifted Endorsement program.

**Integrating the Sixteen Habits of Mind - Great holiday reading


* Wed. Dec 17 - Staff Meeting- LC 2:30 pm

* Thurs. Dec 18 - Band Concert - 6 and 8 pm

* Fri. Dec 19 - SOARing Thru The Season

Tis the season - Remember to take time for the reason, your friends, family and yourself.

Counselor's Corner

To give you an update on how amazingly successful this year's Shop and Share was, Nagel, Wilson and Summit raised $10,000 combined at the schools. Then, on Monday evening during the actual Shop and Share event, an additional $13,000 was spent from families in our community who just stopped in to make this holiday season that much better for so many more! WOW! Please be certain to share this with your Advisory.

Starting the week of January 19th, the "Career Cafe"​ will be open through the end of the school year. The Career Cafe will be in place of the career expo. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to eat lunch with a professional in a career field that interests them. If you know someone in ANY career field that would be interested in speaking to our students during all 4 lunch periods on a specific day, please encourage them to get in touch with Carolyn Heller to schedule.

Say what?? More than $23,000 was raised between three schools for our families! THANK YOU!

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Lizzy's Weekly Information

Soaring through the Seasons

Please read through the Soaring through the Seasons documents. Be sure you are familiar with the schedule and assignments (specifically for encore teachers) and that you communicate any problems you notice. This will be the schedule we will operate on for Friday, December 19th.

Joy's Journal

Structure Creates Behavior

Welcome to the five day countdown until holiday break! It's a good idea to remind students each day this week of behavioral expectations, as a plan of action in the classroom will continue to create desired behaviors and optimal learning.

As tradition has it, Soaring through the Seasons will happen this Friday. Please use materials provided to communicate the proper behaviors for a concert assembly. Our musicians have worked extremely hard to present a fantastic concert. I can't wait to experience the greatness!

Just as a reminder, wanted to share this list with you again. Thanks for your help with this plan of action.

Level 1: Mild Behaviors (Classroom Level)

- Missing work

- Classroom rules

- Minor disruptions

- Minor theft

- Minor misuse of electronic devices

- Sleeping


- Non-sexual touching

- Late to class (after 3 times, office referral)

- Student without a planner

- Minor vandalism

- Unprepared for class

- Horseplay

- Minor profanity

- Minor bullying

- Minor disrespect

- Cheating/Plagiarism (first offense)

- Refusal to work

- Food/Drink

- Dress Code

- Minor Internet policies

- Gum (P.E., LC, labs, music)

When handling all behaviors, a phone call home is the first step. Remember, you may also arrange your own detention after school if you deem necessary.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do everyday to support appropriate, positive behaviors in the Nagel Nation. Keep handing out those SOAR cards!

The Bailey Special

We have home basketball games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week. Please join us...and encourage your students to come as well!

Our Gymnastics Team has their first meet on Saturday morning at the Anderson High School FlipFest.

The wrestling team heads to Fairfield and NCH on Saturday.

Click here for our full Athletic schedule.

Click here for Athletic recaps/results.