Age of Exploration

Sir Francis Drake


Sir Francis Drake was an English man. He was born July 13, 1540 in England. His Father was Edmund Drake and his mother was Mary Mylwaye Drake. Sir Francis Drake's siblings were Edward, Thomas, and Joseph. Sir Francis Drake was an explorer. He was the most renowned seaman of Elizabeth era. Francis had two wives Mary Newman (1569-1581) and Elizabeth Sydenham (1585-1596). Sir Francis Drake died January 27, 1596 because of illness and was buried at sea.


Sir Francis Drake's first expedition was with his cousin John Hawkins in 1560. They sailed to New Spain to sell their captives to settlers which was against the law. In 1568 they were trapped by the Spanish attack in the Mexican port of San Juan de Ulua. Drake and his cousin escaped.

In 1572 Drake came into attention of Queen Elizabeth1 who granted him a privateer's commission effectively giving him the right to plunder any property of King Philip 2 of Spain. He planned out the attack and with crew of 73 men captured the town. Drake was seriously wounded and left without much treasure.

Sir Francis Drake failed the Expedition of in 1589 to Portugal and came home. Queen Elizabeth enlisted him for one more voyage against Spanish possession. The expedition proved to be failed. He came down with fever of dysentery and died.

How he died

In Portobello Panama Drake contracted dysentery and on January 28,1596 died of fever. He was buried in a lead coffin at sea near Portobello. Divers continue to search for the coffin.

Dysentery is an infection of the intestines resulting in severe diarrhea with the presence of blood and mucus in the feces.

Cartagena Revisited-The Pirate Sir Francis Drake Returns


The explorer that influenced me is Sir Frances Drake. He influenced me because when I was doing the search for him I found out a lot of cool things about his explorations. I would want to go to Portugal and explorer there but I would not want to be in a attack. Even though Sir Francis failed or didn't find a lot of treasure on some of his expeditions it would still be cool to find treasures.

What influenced me the most about his explorations is that he got granted to a privateer's commission. He also got the right to plunder any property of King Philip 2 from Queen Elizabeth 1. What else influenced me the most is that he wasn't scared to escape knowing that he could be killed. If I was him I would be scared to go with my cousin because if your cousin would get killed it would hurt to look at them die.