Intern at East Wilkes Middle School

Zack Carr- East Wilkes High School

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East Wilkes Middle School

Address- 2202 Macedonia Church Road, Ronda, NC 28670

Career Interests

I want to do something in the medical field. If I don't like the medical field and decide it's not for me, then I think that history is cool to learn and would not mind teaching it to students.


The internship was cool to do knowing that I was kind of helping the students with their future and helping them learn history.

Skills Developed

A big skill that I developed was communication. I had to talk to the students and help them, I also had to share some of my ideas that I had. Another thing that I was able to do was plan. I got to plan a lesson for the students to do during school to help them with their tests.


My responsibilities were to make sure the students were focused and on task, help print and staple things. When we did stations, I was in charge of the computer and playing the videos. I also had to answer any questions that the students had. Another thing was to make a study guide for their final exam.


I had to work on the "Spotlight on Culture" board. This was a way the students could see the different types of culture there was in each country. We picked a country from the unit we were talking about and found some stuff about it. I had to find music, religion, sports, what kind of food they ate.