Beginning Photography

How to Run Your Camera

The Lingo Explained

You'll learn what "shutter" and "aperture" mean, in terms everyone can understand! I'll explain how to take full control of your camera, instead of letting it call all of the shots. Operating in Manual mode is the ultimate! We'll talk do's and don'ts, tips and tricks; I'll have it all in my class!

What We'll Talk About

The exposure triangle
  • ISO
  • Shutter Speed
  • Aperture
Tips for starting out-Semi-automatic settings

Continuous shooting


White balance

"Rules" for good photography

After this class, you'll know all about these. And so much more!

Beginning Photography with Sara Nuzum

Sunday, March 1st, 3-5pm

Rozel, KS, United States

Rozel, KS

$25 per person (can accept cash, check, or card, just bring it with you to class!)

Class will be held at the high school

**Space is limited, to sign up please email Brian McVay at, or Sara at

Bring your camera, preferably DSLR, but point-and-shooters will learn some too!

I'd recommend bringing your camera's instruction manual if you have it; everyone's camera is different :-)

Who should take this class?

Moms that bought nicer cameras to take photos of kid's sports and activities, 4H-ers interested in photography, or any other photo enthusiasts! Everyone is welcome!

About Me

My name is Sara Nuzum (maiden name is McVay!) I grew up in Rozel, KS, then moved to Greensburg, KS for high school. In 2013, I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree at Friends University. After getting married this last year, my husband and I moved to Moundridge, KS. My studio major in school was photography, and I have taken several photography courses outside of school (I can't get enough!). Passing on some of what I've learned over the years is becoming a passion of mine. I truly enjoy sharing my knowledge; getting others excited and wanting to learn more about photography is so fun!