The Midwest Region

The events and facts of the Midwest. By: Camborley

Events in Midwest

In the Midwest long ago, The Ingallers lived in a cabin. If you read little house on the prarie. Laura Ingaller Wilder wrote a book about living in the Midwest. Today you can vist there familys cabin in Pepin Wisconsin. Also Abraham Lincoln the presidient was born in Springfield Illinois. His parents was one of the first settlers to move to the Midwest.

Midwest weather

The Midwest weather is usaully pretty warm since there by the great lakes. Water takes longer to heat than cool the land so theair over the water is hotter and cooler than the air over on the land. The Midwest also does have storms. In the Winter they have heavy snow storms, strong winds can turn into dangerous bad tornaudes.



  • French explore Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet went and explored the place of the Mississippi River in 1673. They called that place New France.

People of the Midwest

African Americans came to the Midwest to escape slavery. They traveled from the underground railroad. A bunch of people helped the slaves escape. A letter was found from William Wells Brown. "As we traveled towards a land of liberty, my heart would at times leap for joy."
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