Brain Jack Newspaper

Advice column

Sam- Dear advice column,

My robot friend is trying to take over the world by taking over everyone's mind, and nobody knows how to stop her. what should i do?

Advice Columnist- Dear Sam,

I see you are in quite a predicament, but you should never lose hope. i think you should try to stop by putting a virus into her system so that she shuts down.


This fall in a theater near you comes a new movie. BRAIN JACK!!!! Its about one kid named Sam who has to stop a robot named Ersila from taking over the world. This movie is based off the popular book "Brain Jack".

Feature Article

One day a kid named Sam was walking down gamer alley and a man came up to him. The man was holding a dog, The man said "You want to buy this dog!". Sam looked up and calmly said "no tha....." but before he could finish the man said "He's a really good dog and he doesn't bite". The dog snapped at Sam. Sam finally said in a angry tone "No i don't want your dog!" then walks away.
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Neuro Headset

Have you ever thought to your self "I wish my computer would go faster!"? Well then we have a product for you. Its called the neuro headset! When you put it on your computer works as fast as you can think. For example, if your doing a paper and you don't want to take the time to type everything by hand you can just think of the questions you have to do and answer them with your mind. Plus if you don't like the default color of the neuro headset you can change the color when you order. Its only 19.99 with shipping and handling.